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Jun 27 2009

The Driveway – A Space Where Public and Private Interests Collide

“The school alone could do nothing. It was not organized with the idea of a maximum spiritual and intellectual growth.
The home alone could do nothing. It was isolated, antagonistic, and indifferent. It shut its eyes fearing, distrusting, hoping for better things but doing nothing. The more it lived by itself the less able it became to hold the children close to itself.
I had learned that education was a matter of cooperation between parents and teachers. Conduct and self-expression meant action in the street and home. Moral education meant group reaction.
The problems of my school, therefore, loomed up as the problems of our community. The transfers of our teachers and of our children, the equipment of the building, the curriculum, were not only school problems but also community problems. Unless the people knew about and shared in the education of their children the schools would be inefficient. To save the school and the home from becoming cloistered, self-centered, the culture of children would have to be a cooperative effort between the parents and the teachers.” – Angelo Patri, A Schoolmaster of the Great City

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